Development of the new ISO International Standard- rolling stock gauges

The specialists of JSC VNIIZHT are working on a new international standard for rolling stock gauges. Mr. Dmitry Arshintsev, the Group Head «Gauges, aerodynamics and the establishment of conditions for the circulation of rolling stock» told to the newspaper «Gudok» about which normative documents in this area are currently in force and what are the tasks of the new development.

«Currently, each country has its own normative document. Thus, our goal is to develop a new common document, that will simplify the work procedure and that each ISO member country could use it. For example, you will have to transfer the cargo from Vladivostok to Lisbon, therefore this new document will help the specialist to learn about the gauges of the route between the countries in a short period (as well as how it is calculated), and the geometric obstacles that exist along the way (for example, narrow tunnels», — specifies Dmitry Arshintsev.

The full text of the interview you can find on the «Gudok» website: